News Will TikTok band in India

Will TikTok band in India

Tik tok band

A boy named Frasal Siddiqui Tik-Tok band for the reason of  made a acid attack video on Tik-tok and face the growing list of problems for the platform in India

The rate at which tick ratings have been declining day by day seems to be ticking. A few days ago we are connected  directly that there was some controversy between Tick Talk and YouTube they caused some quarrels among themselves by blaming each other. that time caused a lot of controversy.Many people here give their opinions and live on tik-tok.They viralize the videos by making their own videos in response to YouTube and their responses.

In the midst of this controversy, a man named Result Faizal Siddiqui made a video of his own acid and saw the code below. Many people have shared this video on social media and continue to condemn it.


Against of this case Rekha Sharma said on twitter that she is of the strong option that this @TikTok_IN should be banned totally and will be writting to GOI. . Decline-And chappak girl Laxmi Agarwal also replied on twitter___

It not only has these objectionable videos but also pushing youngsters towards unproductive life where they are living only for few followers and even dying when no.Result Siddiqui was denounced on Twitter and many social media showing what Siddiqui did wrong.In the midst of this controversy, Siddiqui is widely criticized on social media, for that Siddiqui’s account can banned on  Tik-Tak.


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